First Post

Frequently, during the course of the week, themes come up in my counseling sessions. It always amazes me when this phenomena happens. After all theses years, you would think I would have become used to it. I haven’t. At some point in the last couple of weeks, it dawned on me… I have been ignoring one of the first things that I learned about myself during my process of self discovery. You see, these synchronicities are whispers from my spiritual guides, inner voice, God, Goddess, angels’ (you choose). It is my higher power’s way of letting me know something. When repeat patterns happen, it is the Universe’s way of encouraging  me to move forward….to let me know it is time to take action.

Today my action is to share this blog. Hopefully, as it progresses, it will become a place of healing, a place of sharing, a place to enlighten others.

So, as you read my posts, the syncrhonicities,  along with my daily experiences of being a working mom of two,  a wife, a friend, a sister and a  therapist will be the inspiration for my posts. I hope to talk about issues that come up for all of us, issues that may not be easy to talk about, but that are real and are evidence of our humanity. Sometimes the posts will be really therapeutic in nature, and sometimes they will just be real talk. Either way, I hope you find value in them.

Love and healing,


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